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About us

Microbial Earth’s mission is to restore the function and balance of microbes in the soil.  Why?  Soil microbes play a mission critical role in:

  • Building soil moisture holding capacity which can triple the use of surface and rain water in our soils.
  • Cycling nutrients from dead materials into living organisms, thereby increasing the nutritional density of local foods.
  • Retrieving and cycling minerals from deep in the soil.
  • Sequestering soil carbon (Water follows Carbon!).

Our goal is to support the maximum amount of all life per acre.

Our vision is to implement a performance based system which builds stronger eco-systems in a holistic manner, focusing on a weakest link first strategy.

Meet Patrick, the business owner:

Patrick has a B. Sc. in Agricultural Econmics Business and Economics from Canada. He was also fortunate to be selected to attend a 2 year federal leadership development program for National Leaders. In 2001, he completed the 1 year intensive MBA in entrepreneurship at Babson College, where he focused on innovative technologies.  Before completing his MBA, he worked for 5 years developing joint ventures in Spain, Italy, Denmark, Canada and the USA for a large European farmer owned business. He then returned to Canada where he spent the next 5 years developing the family business. The family business was ultimately closed due to pressure from large multi-national integrations. He has since worked in renewable solar thermal energy, biomass energy and project finance. Microbial Earth is a key aspect of his vision to build stronger eco-systems while implementing performance based systems in a holistic framework which focuses on a weakest links first strategy.