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Bokashi Bran

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2.50 LBS

Product Description

Bokashi bran is a culture of bacteria that, when sprinkled over your food scraps, will break those scraps down through fermentation. The process cultivates beneficial microorganisms as food decomposes, speeding the process of fermentation and reducing foul odors.The products of this fermentation can be used as soil amendments to increase the nutrient level and microbial diversity of the soil for planting.

Bokashi products can also be used as a compost starter in traditional outdoors compost systems and as a compsot starter in large-scale composting operations. 

In a kitchen compost bucket, sprinkle Bokashi directly on top of kitchen food waste and close the lid. It is very important to cover the entire surface of food waste with Bokashi.  When added, Bokashi will begin a fermentation process that will neutralize odors, increase the mineral content of food scraps and prepare food waste to become high quality compost. Repeat the process until the bucket is full.

Wheat Bran, Rice Bran, Purified and Structured Water, Sugar Cane Blackstrap Molasses, Mineral Rock Salt, SCD Probiotics Technology. May contain wood shavings.

Keep closed in an air-tight bag

Product Videos

How to Make Bokashi (06:06)
A Short film about making Bokashi--a fermented wheat bran--used to pickle kitchen food waste to help it compost quicker without foul odors. You can purchase ready-made Bokashi from http://wigglywigglers.co.uk
  • How to Make Bo...
    A Short film about making Bokashi--a fermented wheat bran--use...

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