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Time to start thinking about Fall minerals.

Soil testing and adding soil minerals is best started in August and applied in mid September - early October.  Call now to reserve time for your soil test.

New summer hours at the farmer's markets!


Farmer's Market Schedule - Changes

NEW!  We are now back at the Cedar Park Farmer's Market

Away:  We will be away from the downtown Austin Farmer's market during construction, and the Meuller's Farmer's market on Sundays.  We hope to resume in the fall.

NEW!   BeeCaves LoneStar Farmer's market!  Sundays from 10 am - 2 pm.


Biochar - What to know.
August, Date tbd


Maximize tea production

Product Promotion

Click here for our protocol on maximizing the nutrient tea from your bokashi bin.  Enter the promotion code"7AFD5D9E8654BF9" and get $5 or a 35% discount on this product.

Why maximize the nutrient tea from a bokashi bin?  Because it doesn't involve a shovel.  Nutrient teas cycle upto 17x more through your soil.  They are more easily targeted to your plant's roots, and are thus easier to absorb by the plants.  Leafy greens such as Swiss Chard, Kale, etc can absorb the nutrients and be back on your table in 3 weeks time.  And best of all, nutrient teas don't require a shovel.  Did I say that already?  It is the hot summer and the more I can do in air-conditioning, the better.

Dome School Biochar Garden

Is a soil with biochar better?  What can we expet from biochar additions to our soil?  Here is a good video of a school garden and healthy looking plants.
What I think is the most beneficial aspect of biochar is that it can also be used to take a waste and make it into something more valuable.  I am not talking about wood chips.  I am talking about urine.  I think that it is clear to most people that urine has a beneficial value.  The question is about safety.  Just as bokashi and fermentation are safe, natural ways to preserve foods and food scraps, we need to look more into options for handling our urine.  Only after we have demonstrated safe handling practices for urine, can we move on to the more complicated subjects.  Click here to read more and see the video.

Microbial Earth quick minute update

Video update

Try this, our latest effort to bring you up to speed on what is happening at Microbial Earth.

When to plant and what?  A soil temperature based guide.
Temperature based planting calendar

Is climate change starting to spin your planting calendar around?  How about a soil temperature based guide.  Click here for more information.

Summer reading
Articles on soils

Some great articles on soil, starting with Austin's own Jeremiah Cunningham.  "We're made in the image of the soil"
Additional blog postings for your summer reading:  Who will have to drastically reduce their use of phosphates and potash over the coming years?  Can we escape industrial farming when we are loosing when the earth's soil is being depleted of nutrients at more than 13 percent the rate it can be replaced?  Click here to see our blog and all the research we have been studying about healthier soils.

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