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What does it mean to have microbes in your soil? 

Microbes refers to microscopic organisms. Many of the environmental problems we face result from a shortage of microbes in our soil. This shortage produces dysfunctional soil ecologies. Because soil ecologies drive a range of primary ecological systems, when our soils are not alive, these systems also become dysfunctional. So, for example, instead of cycling rainwater effectively so that they have a steady supply of water, creeks quickly go from overflowing to dry. Carbon cycling stalls as there are no soil microbes to break down dead organic materials (i.e. mulch). Nutrient cycling becomes almost non-existent. When soil is replenished with microbes, these systems resolve themselves. The most effective way to replenish soil microbes is by applying compost with high microbial counts to the soil. 

Microbial Earth Farms works with residential property owners to bring their soils back to life. Instead of relying on short term toxic chemical ~cides (i.e. pesticide, herbicide, fungicide) to provide your plants with targetted effects, we take a long-term, holistic and sustainable approach to improving plant health. We use a combination of on-site composting, mulching, compost tea, and adjustments to the soil's mineral balance to put life into your soil and thereby restore soil ecology. In turn, healthy soils will capture and hold more rain water, cycle more nutrients to your plants, and increase your plants' disease resistance.

Microbial Earth focuses in particular on enabling your trees to survive drought. Trees are valuable sources of shade that can significantly reduce air-conditioning costs in summer-time. Much of our soil is depleted of micro-nutrients (such as selenium, moly-b, iron, etc.) that limit the health of trees. We use Azomite to add these nutrients back to the soil. We spray our Compost Extract into the canopy 

live oak treesof trees so that microbes in the extract can help your trees absorb these nutrients. These microbes also improve your trees' ability to utilize water, and they cycle nutrients back into the soil by breaking down trees' dead leaves.

Finally, we help you find composting systems appropriate to your needs so that you can recycle household food waste back to your plants. We also help you recycle yard materials for use as mulch, which prevents the evaporation of moisture from your soils.