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Soil Testing

Tired of your soil cracking? Do you think your trees are suffering from the drought? Are you thinking about how to capture more rainwater? Would you like to get more food produced from your garden beds?

All of these problems are related to your soil.  The tests are based on the organic growing methods, not the chemical intensive farming methods that have been common to the majority of soil test labs over the last 40 years.

Because the soil is a bank account for the soil’s fertility, we need to load up on mineral nutrients, but in the proper balance. The “soil bank account” is determined by the soil’s clay fraction, organic fraction, rock minerals, and the soil/water solution. Once we understand this, we can keep the soil loose and airy, so that a larger amount of water, plant roots, soil organisms and air can move about freely in the soil. We can also properly balance the soil pH to somewhere around a pH of 6.5 at which the maximum amount of nutrients are available to plants.

Please choose the level of testing you wish to do: 

  • BEST:  Total Package (includes all the services, tests and provides the most answers).
  • BETTER:  Standard + Saturated Paste Plus Nitrates & Ammonium
  •              Saturated Paste (measures what plants can extract from your soil)
  •              Solvita (measures soil microbial activity)
  • GOOD:  Standard (measures what is physically present in your soil)
  • Note:  1 filled sample bag will be enough to perform all of the tests.

Then, please choose if you wish to have the Microbial Earth collect the samples for you (1st visit), and present the collective data in a superior 1 page format, including budget implications based on the soil test results (2nd visit).  We call this our Comprehensive Service  Your report will include the superior format, the original test results, strategies for matching your budget, and a copy of the USDA report on the characteristics of your soil class.

Added service:  Pick-up your free soil test bag at the Farmer's market, and bring it back to us at the Farmer's Market the following week.  Save on postage ($5.32) and we can swipe your credit card data instead of having to write it out, at no extra cost!