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Water Filters

Despite beliefs to the contrary, our tap water might be "clean", but it is not "pure". Tap water contains chlorine, flouride and chloramine, all of which help reduce water born diseases, but which also have detrimental impacts on soil microbes. This page lists products you can use to purify water of these minerals. We have teamed up with "Friends of Water", a California based family operated/owned business, to supply you with these products.

Note:  Prices do not include installation or shipping. Please consult or contract a plumber to prevent air leaks, bubling noises, etc. We are not responsible for faulty installation.

We now have both shower and bath filters (available upon request - Please call 512-870-8062) that greatly reduce chloramines. The units listed above are our most popular items.  If you are looking for something more specific, please follow the navigation instructions listed below.

In order to navigate the choices of systems, we can provide you with the following guidance:

1.  The housing for a water filtration system can go above the countertop or below the countertop.  The undercounter models come with a seperate tap/dispenser that you can install above the countertop. The countertop models come in white, but also have a chrome version that costs about $70 more. Countertop units have a spout attached to the side of the cannisters, and a diverter which dispenses filtered water from the top of your regular faucet.

2.  How many water lines do you want to filter? (see the next item for the available cartridges) Units come in either 2 filter or 3 filter system capacity. We also hope to offer whole house filter systems in the near future, but the expense is usually 4-8x the undercounter or countertop models.

3.  The available filters are (prices are for replacement filters):