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Hi, and thank you for visiting our website.  The above chart is the result of some recent work we have been doing into the amount of rain we receive here in Austin.  As many colleagues conclude, we are getting enough rainfall.  The problem is like sloppy tackling in football.  We are letting that moisture slip through our hands.  We need improved soil to capture and hold the rainfall that we do get.  AND, we need to prevent the winds (hot summer winds) from reaching down into our soil and evaporating the moisture (wind can find moisture upto 4 inches deep in barren soil), which means several inches (even upto 4 inches) of loose/coarse mulch.  We will have more information coming.  

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We are now at the following retail locations:

North:  Third Coast Horticulture store on Burnet and Monument Market (cafe) in Georgetown.  Red Barn Nursery,

South:  Tree HouseBrite Ideas, Eco-Wise, Geogrowers, Wheatsville Co-op, The Great Outdoors,