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Our Newsletter


Hi, and thank you for visiting our website.  Microbial Earth is on a journey, to make our soil more functional, and to make a greater contribution to our society.  While microbes are the key bell-weather to soil health, we now recognize that soil mineral balancing is a pre-requisite action needed to make organic growing systems work as well as they should (i.e. better tasting food, less disease, happier plants).  If you want to follow us on our journey, and understand our soil related testing services, please consider purchasing the following book:  The Intelligent Gardener   I will be referring to it in our future conversations and it is changing the way we are going to garden in the future!

Important Announcement:  As of May 31st, we have closed the Credit Card orders portion of this webstore.  We are also suspending our farmer's market and events booths while reconfigure our business to something that has us totally jazzed but which will take all of our time, and not just a little.  Please call me if there are any transition issues that the stores cannot handle for you.  The link is above.  We will continue to fund the website as a resource for videos, product information, and information in general.  

Our products will be available exclusively via the retail stores mentioned here.

North Austin:  Third Coast Horticulture store at 7010 Burnet,  Red Barn Nursery, Wheatsville Co-op North

Georgetown:   Monument Market (cafe) 

South Austin:  Tree HouseBrite Ideas, Eco-Wise, Geogrowers, Wheatsville Co-op, The Great Outdoors,